A house washing Toowoomba success story…

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When a modern white rendered home comes up for cleaning, a lot of people think to just high pressure clean it. Water blasting is the last thing you should be thinking though. Even cheap machines from eBay or the local hardware giant can be devastatingly destructive. So what to do?


Soft Washing. Using our special Spark Shampoo we’ll lather up your home and allow the formula to dwell and do its work. The grime and grit will break down and the mould will be destroyed, allowing us to use low pressure and high volume to rinse away the filth.


soft washing before and after before and after soft washing

What is left behind is the house you we sure existed, the one you remember from year ago. Our system is so gentle we can even clean cracking and peeling paint without further damage.

house washing soffit

If you think you can handle the cleaning yourself, that’s great… just promise me you won’t go and get a cheap pressure cleaner and start stripping the paint. Give us a call and we’ll point you in the right direction as to how you can get decent results without the heartache. Call us 07 4847 6767