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When a plan comes together. We are constantly reminding our customers of the wonder that is soft washing as opposed to pressure cleaning. High pressure cleaning has its place, but that’s not on weatherboards or delicate render. When a building has been overcome with mould, a pressure washer will remove the surface layer of that mould, however doesn’t kill the underlying problem.

Introducing Soft Washing. We mix our formula specific to each job, depending on the degree of dirt and organic growth the building may be suffering at the hands of. We pay close attention to the surrounding areas of the property and wet down any plants and allow grasses to soak up a bit of water prior to our treatment. The solution is applied at low pressure and allowed to dwell for a set amount of time, before being rinsed thoroughly using slightly higher pressure to remove the the detergent as well as the organic matter we’ve now destroyed.

soft washing

The result is a better clean that will last longer and keep mould from returning for longer. If you’re worried about your plants, please rest assured we’ve done this countless times and for some pretty particular clients. Last year we had the honour of cleaning the heritage listed homestead, Braeside in Dalveen on the Granite Belt. The beautiful property is surrounded by the most amazing gardens (which you can visit during the Apple & Grape Festival every 2 years), which we were entrusted with a week before a wedding. Check out our post about cleaning Braeside Homestead.

braeside wash down

If you’d like to see what soft washing Brisbane can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.