How do I clean louvre tracks properly

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Have you ever struggled to clean your louvres or louvred windows properly? Getting to that last blade and the track at the bottom that seems to be a catch all for the dirt grime and dead bugs the world has decided to throw your way? When I first started window cleaning… er, many year ago, I found this to be a particularly annoying part of the job. I’d end up with a smeared track, a pile of dirt on each side that I couldn’t get to and a bunch of filthy cloths.

We offer track cleaning in our Deluxe and Premium packages, and the following is straight out of The Spark Way, our operations manual.

  • Cleaning tracks prior to any water or solutions being applied is critical. Otherwise any dirt in the track will turn into a muddy consistency which is very hard to then remove from the track.
  • Remove the bottom louvre from the plastic fixings and place in a safe place out of the work area.
  • Use the track cleaning brush to dislodge dust and dirt build up from corners of the track/sill.
  • Vacuum dislodged dust and dirt with crevice tool.
  • Use a microfibre frame towel to clean remaining dirt from the track/sill.
  • Refit the bottom louvre into it’s plastic fixings.

cleaning louvre tracks