How to clean louvres

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Here’s another excerpt from The Spark Way, our own operations manual that ensures we do the best job every time. Most likely you won’t have a louvre tricket, so instead use a sponge or damp microfibre cloth.

  • Cleaning louvres can be time consuming and results can vary depending on level of dirt and weather conditions. If possible, avoid cleaning louvres in full sun.
  • If louvres have no external screen or a removable screen, it is advisable to close the louvres and wash them externally using pure water and water fed brush prior to the following steps.
  • Internally, close the louvres and using carry bottle spray the frame and glass with solution using mist setting.
  • Using your microfibre frame towel, wipe the window frames and the plastic fixings on the left and right sides. 
  • Open the louvres and using the louvre tricket, scrub 3 louvres.
  • Using a microfibre frame towel, dry the louvres.
  • Using a blue detailing towel polish top and bottom sides of each louvre. Do not apply so much pressure that the glass flexes.
  • Repeat steps 5-7 down to the second last louvre.
  • Remove the bottom louvre from its fixings and place carefully to one side.
  • Spray solution on the sill and clean with a microfibre frame towel.
  • Refit the bottom louvre and clean as per steps 5-7

wipe the frame and plastic fittings

scriub louvres

If cleaning louvres seems like a chore, don’t hesitate to call… if you need a window cleaning service 0420213145