Roof Cleaning Middle Ridge

Toowoomba Roof Washing

Are you looking for a roof washing experience that's going to transform AND make your Middle Ridge house smile? Then look no further than Spark Exterior Cleaning! We've been super busy this summer, cleaning lichen covered roofs throughout Toowoomba and particularly Middle Ridge. 

Brock in Toowoomba recently said... "Could not believe the level of service we received from Spark. Absolutely outstanding, his attention to detail was fantastic, would recommend to anyone! Thanks again!" 

While most roofs we quote are between $700-800, we're currently running a special for Middle Ridge residents with roofs that we measure under 300sqm (that's most houses) for just $647! The Spark team does a full clean including ridge caps and detail work like around aerials and flues. We'll block off any rainwater tanks to ensure no dirty water goes in and check downpipes are free flowing*.

What's more, if you and a neighbour would like to get your roofs cleaned on the same day we'll apply a further $47 discount each, making your roof clean only $600! Get in touch today using the form below for priority service.

*We cannot provide drain clearing services.